Top Startups Selected in Startup Dhaka Incubator Program


Startup Dhaka Incubator Program is designed for helping early-stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage. Customer Discovery, Product Development, Pitch Deck design, Market Sizing, Bootstrapping, Fundraising – everything an early-stage startup needs to learn is covered by the program.

It was a great day for the respected judges of Startup Dhaka Incubator Program. With the help of Mustafizur Khan, Samad Miraly, and Fayaz Taher,  the submissions of Startup Dhaka Incubator Program for batch 2 were evaluated today.

2 months of intense mentorship will help the startups to prepare an investment-ready pitch deck to face the investors. Some of the ideas are as follows:


Royal Fruitz

“Healthy fruits, healthy life”, being their motto, the Founder Md. Naushad Alam wants to rejuvenate the entire industry of fruit purification and delivery system as a whole. 


Makes premium customized products and delivers them to clients’ doorstep. Their key concept is to design and manufacture great quality merchandise according to the trend.


Not just your average magazine as Tabassum Salma Tanni, the art editor, says, “It’s something that is needed for this generation to inspire art amongst the society”.


Imagine calling without cost. Yeah! Kothon will give you exactly this particular sort of helping hand. In the era of costly cellular prices, Kothon comes with its own idea of connecting people without costing a dime.


Garments being connected with technology and voila we get an online garment and textile sector called “Garmentex”. A team of 4 people is here to change to the whole infrastructure of how we see the textile entity to a different extent.

Cognition AI

Using the camera of cellphones, now we will be able to diagnose diseases very easily. This will be possible with the integration of AI and traditional doctors’ method of recognizing symptoms.


A digital healthcare marketplace where every solution can be found within a glance of an eye. A combination of the online and offline substructure is interconnected between the app’s algorithm to create an opportunity for the solution.


Website for sportswomen. The stories of glory, struggle, the hardship that the women who are affiliated with sports can be found in this site.


The informative content site where international information is present. Varieties of solutions for different scenarios can be found here to make yourself comfortable with the corporate world.


Baby products are essential for the parents and making these products easier to get is the motto of “Babywala”. From low tier to top tier services for your small child can be found at this particular segment.

“Knowing your customers, the development of your product and investment enthusiasm is the makeshift changes that are needed to succeed in the voyage of the startup.” – Samad Miraly said from the seat of the judging panel as we look into some other creative ideas.

Startup Dhaka would like to thank Shohoz, Lightcastle Partners, Edge Research and Consulting, Upskill, Augmedix, Moar, and Torun for partnering up in this esteemed program.

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