7 Stylish Things Every Guy Needs to Own

Abdullah Al Mahin

Over the years I realized that if you’re a man and you want to be stylish, there’s a list of things that you need to have in your closet. These are the basics of any man’s wardrobe to make sure that they look good. So today, we will discuss that list – the seven stylish things that every gentleman must own to look their best. 

1. Perfect Suit Starting of course with a perfectly tailored suit – it’s classy, it’s elegant. You know you need it for a job interview, a wedding ceremony, and/or other events. When you think of an elegant, smart, modern man, you immediately think of a guy wearing a suit – that is why every guy needs to have a nice fitting suit. It can’t be something baggy, it needs to be slim-fit and modern to look amazing when you throw it on. I understand that suits are expensive, so maybe buy one suit and tailor it perfectly to your body instead of having three suits that don’t fit you perfectly. Have one perfectly fitted suit and that’s gonna do you way better than three baggy terrible suits. 

2. Classy Watch Every man needs to have a watch. It doesn’t have to be crazy – you don’t have to go overboard. You should buy whatever you can afford – it’s not about the brand but it’s about the way that it looks and makes you feel – it needs to be classy. It can’t be something that looks out of place or something that is tawdry. Ideally, get something that you can wear when you’re rocking a t-shirt and jeans, but that will also fit when you’re wearing a suit. That is the best type of watch that you can get for yourself. 

3. White Sneakers A pair of white sneakers literally just go with everything – from t-shirts and jeans to jackets and trousers. You know you can wear them year-round – it doesn’t matter – it’s just such a classic to have in a wardrobe. A pair of white sneakers instantly elevate an outfit to be a little sharper than it would be with other casual shoes. 

4. Tailored Sweatpants Now look, every guy needs to have sweatpants that are comfortable. You know not every guy likes to wear shorts – I don’t think there’s as classy as tailored sweatpants. So at home, you can wear sweatpants pretty much all the time especially now that you’re spending so much time lounging at home. You need to get yourself a nice pair of joggers, but I mean the ones that fit you properly – not the ones that are super baggy or that are super long on you that they stack up on your feet or on your sneakers. I’m talking about the ones that fit you nicely and that you won’t be embarrassed to wear outside. The trick here is to get the ones that taper into your ankle and usually have the elastic band around your ankle too so that it looks nice and tailored. 

5. Sunglasses You need a pair of classy sunglasses, especially during the summertime. all right I know we’re all stuck at home right now and we can’t really wear sunglasses that much unless you go to a grocery store or get some essentials but you need a pair of sunglasses. You can leave one in your car. My favorite pair of sunglasses sits in my car and as soon as I’m ready to go out I throw it on and it matches pretty much everything that I wear because it’s a nice, black, classy sunglass – that is the best that you can do. You guys might not know this yet but wearing sunglasses actually makes you look more attractive because it makes your face look more symmetrical. Another benefit is that it prevents you from squinting which causes wrinkles when you’re looking into the Sun. 

6. Boots Every guy wears sneakers because sneakers are comfortable. But with boots, you’re going to change up your style – that’s how you’re gonna stand out from the other guys. So, there are many different types of boots – combat boots, military boots, Chelsea boots – that will make you look amazing, and besides standing out from every single guy out there wearing their sneakers, you’re also going to look a little bit taller as well. So, if you’re on the shorter side, then you can get an inch or two of height just by wearing a nice pair of combat boots. 

7. White T-Shirts You need crisp white t-shirts – it’s an absolute essential. Now, I always tend to stain my white shirts for whatever reason; whether it’s with deodorant, food, or whatever it is, so I tend to buy a lot of white t-shirts. You can wear a simple white t-shirt under your bomber jacket or flannel shirt. It’s just such an easy calm t-shirt because it matches with everything.

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