5 types of Bengali Relationships

  1. The Showoff One

“Happy 1 months and 4 days Jaan! Alhamdulillah for everything! You are my everything!”

You probably might have come across a caption like this at least once in social media. Yes, it’s the showoff couple. Even if they just have a normal conversation within them, they will screenshot it and post with an ‘aww’ caption. That’s because they like to show off everything about their relationship.


       2.The Strict One


“My Boyfriend won’t let me go out to watch a movie with my friends.” No it’s not called – being possessive, but instead being strict. That’s the word you use for parenting. Sometimes, it’s the other way around when the boyfriend does not smoke a cigarette not because he is concerned about his health, but because his girlfriend asked him not to.


       3.The Arranged One


Oh, they met because their parents wanted them to. Yes, I am talking about arranged marriage. They will go on dates and drink juice from the same glass, and pretend like they have been dating forever, but no, it’s because they will probably be sharing the same bed a few days later, and they are just getting to know each other.


  1. The Friends One


This is personally my favorite type. The perfect term for them would be- ‘Part time lovers, all time friends’. They will always sort out the problems they have between them. At times they will behave like best friends who are having the times of their life. And sometimes they would see butterflies with their better half.


        5.The Irregular One


They will tell everyone they are in a relationship, but they don’t even know themselves when they last talked. In some cases, maybe one of them is keeping his/her foot in two boats (don’t be triggered please) and God knows why they can’t just break up.


However, I’ve described 5 Bengali Relationships, the fact is that each of them portrays a different sense of romance. And despite not being so perfect at times, some of these relationships will always remain strong for the love of each other. That’s what matters, right?


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