2020: A Year in the Life

Foysal Mahmud Niloy and Suhridi Rahman

March 17: Came back home for a two-week break from classes. Apparently, there is this virus that is supposed to come and hunt us down. Better keep in hand my Napa stacks ready cause, of course, nothing beats Napa! 

March 22: Okay so the two-week vacation extends for another month and now it’s a total lockdown! It is nice and cozy and weird all at the same time somehow. 

Nice – Everyone is together in the house all day, every day.

Weird – EVERYONE IS TOGETHER……IN THE HOUSE……ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!! “Insert I’m in Danger meme”.

March 26: Dear Diary, I have been pretty much awake till 4 or 5 am in the morning all this time in quarantine and nothing sensational has happened yet to be honest. Last night I slept early. And the one time I did so, woke up to this huge swarm of posts about some dude who has been apparently dancing his tail off in live….at 3 am….and there were thousands of people actually watching that live together… wht is he doing this and why can’t I take my eyes away from it……okay quarantine what have you done to us!!! 

April 2: Decided to try my hand at this annoyingly tiresome thingie, the Dalgona Coffee only because I am bored. I don’t even drink coffee. Well, the pictures came out great at least. Would consider that a win. 

April 7: I have seen the “don’t rush challenge” videos with at least 15 different themes in the past two days and I am simply amazed by how talented everyone around me is. Here I am lying in my bed all day, moving like a sloth and there they are – making these beautiful paintings, singing covers, playing different instruments, dressing up like divas and what not all at the same time….my newsfeed is blessed at this moment.

April 14: Wow! So many “make up brush challenge” videos in my feed since morning. Can I just say how gorgeous all these girls look in their perfect Pohela Boishakh attires today.

May 3: Dear Diary, it has merely been a month in quarantine and people have already figured out extreme tactics for marketing themselves and their mates in the names of our beloved Eilish and Putimach! Kinda love how everyone…literally everyone is so ‘loyal’ and ‘humorous’ in that neighborhood. Can’t wait to find my Eilish now.

May 19: Ramadan is already here, and we are still quarantined. I have no idea how many different shapes, colors, and sizes of uncanny looking things I have seen in my timeline in the name of Jilapis today. Really appreciate all those sweet efforts but can I please just throw a “don’t crucify those lovely Jilapis” challenge?  

June 14: So what is it with everyone and completing 15 online course certificates a week? I mean it is great to see so much productivity all around but come on, how do you finish 15 certificates a week? Where on earth do you get the energy to do that? Here I am, yawning even after waking up at 2 in the noon today. 

June 20: Wait, Why is June not ending man? What is going on!!

July 10: Dear Diary, I have completely lost count how many times I have slept through the whole class turning off my mike and camera this semester. Blessed to have friends who would proxy my attendance every time? Online classes are pretty dope not gonna lie. 

August 15: I should have kept count how many assignments I have copied and circulated this semester. I have reached that mental state at this point. I don’t even have the energy to paraphrase now. I can. I simply don’t. 

September 1: It’s Official. Netflix is boring now. I swear to god if they release another corny teen drama, I’m going to riot.

September 13: Dear Diary, People are going nuts over this new game called “Among Us”, where they literally & figuratively backstab people. Wow, people were missing double-crossing so much that they made a game out of it. I’m playing it right now and my friend Maheer is acting hella sus.

October 1: Wait a minute. How is it October? When? How? I can’t take it anymore.

October 14: People are making avatars of themselves on Facebook. It looks weird. Don’t people already have too many pictures and stuff? When will our Self-Obsession End? It’s making us more and more narcissistic. 

November 17: Dear Diary, People have finally gotten to the last point of boredom and started getting married for the sake of it. Their even hosting large events. Corona didn’t curve the curse of marriage, it has amplified it even further. I better get the hell out before my parents start getting ideas.

November 24: Woah, Everyone is opening up a bakery in their homes, that’s so nice. No wonder my mom calls me a failure, I couldn’t even make the Dalgona Coffee.

December 1: Mid Terms begin tomorrow and I have 500 hours of recording to go through. I hate myself.

December 12: Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out!!! I’m so happy, this is the only good thing to happen this year. Hold on, wait a minutes, Why is it so buggy? Ow no, it just crashed. Ow wow, I got optimistic for a moment and now I’m being punished for it. I mean what was I to expect? 2020 is enough to ruin everything.


2021: “To be continued Meme” 

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